Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Xmas and a great year 2008!

From Santa´s land and on behalf of the BGF team thank you for your support and co-operation. We wish you Merry Christmas and Successful Year 2008!

BGF Business Tournament - Results 2007

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all BGF Tournament fans for a great year. It has been a pleasure to work with you all. We are especially grateful for all the wonderful feedback you have given us through out the whole year. This will keep us going strong also in the years ahead.

We are pleased to announce the BGF Tournament Ranking 2008:

1. - Pöyry Group (Finland)
2.- Tecpetrol (Argentina)
3.- SEB (Lithuania)
4.- Ericsson (Croatia)
5.- Mix team (Czech Republic) - CSOB, Burinka, Prumstav and Kite*
6.- Rolls-Royce (UK)

* The mix team has participants from four different companies: CSOB, Burinka, Prumstav and Kite

We would also like to invite the top 3 teams from the 2007 tournaments to Cannes to the BGF Awards, next spring.

1. Pöyry Group -Finland

2. Tecpetrol -Argentina

3. SEB Group – Lithuania

Merry Xmas, many thanks and congrats!

BGF Cannes crew!

Business Game Factory

Friday, November 30, 2007

Perstorp In-House, successfully arranged by BGF

Five Perstorp teams from all around the globe, participated in the BGF In-House Tournament. The objective with the tournament was to give young potentials; the majority of them engineers, the opportunity to learn about the business aspect of a company and why certain decisions are made at top level management. Included in the tournament, the teams gained an insight into financial planning, business strategies and teambuilding.

Team leader Kim Lindborg of the winning team “Oxo” said, “I think that the Business Game is not only a great opportunity to freshen up those financial skills, but a joyful learning experience all along. There is the team dynamics aspect, the management of time and resources, the communication challenges and also a great way to get to know new co-workers. To me, some learning experiences have had more impact than others. I think it is important that each individual takes responsibility for their own learning from the Business Game. Sometimes the learning opportunities come up where you least expect them – it’s about learning what to do but also what not to do in the situations that we face. Thank you to all that have been involved in this. Now, me and my team are looking forward to facing the challenges from other companies in the next round.”

BGF will like to congratulate all the teams for their input into the tournament and wish team “Oxo” all the best of business gaming in the semi-finals!

For further enquiries about the tournament contact:

James Baker-Duly, BGF,
Maria Hägglund, Perstorp

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Business game successfully arranged for KPMG Sweden

The KPMG In-House business game tournament was successfully arranged by Business Game Factory. Four teams from KPMG Sweden competed against each other in a business simulation over four days. In the business game each team assumed a management role of a global company.

After a fierce competition for profits and market shares, “The Diamond Dogs” beat the competition and secured a place in the
BGF Semifinals that will be celebrated in September 2008.

Charlotte Gustavsson, the diamond dogs’ team leader said: “It was a positive experience and we got to know each other better while working on the case. The questions related to operating the company is to a certain extent linked to our own way of working so it was fun discussing these matters with colleagues in a more relaxed manner. It was also interesting to watch how competitive it got between the teams - it was great fun!”

Top row from left to right - Jonas Elofsson, Katarina Bergström, Thomas Rynell
Front row from left to right - Charlotte Gustavsson, Anna Boberg

James Baker-Duly

Business Game Factory Ltd.

BGF Finals 2007

The BGF Semifinals were arranged successfully and we are proud to announce the 6 best teams of the BGF Business Tournament 2007! The six division winners of the business game will be participating in the BGF Finals that will take place on 28th of November 2007. The finalists represent six different countries. Here are the best performing teams:

- Ericsson (Croatia)
- Tecpetrol (Argentina)
- Pöyry Forest Industry Consulting (Finland)
- SEB (Lithuania)
- Rolls Royce (UK)
- Mix team (Czech Republic) - CSOB, Burinka, Prumstav and Kite*

On the picture from left to right Kimo Mikkonen, Petri Jokinen, Tuomas Salo, Juha-Erkki Nieminen from Pöyry (Finland)

The three best teams in the World will be invited to the BGF Awards in Cannes, on the French Riviera.

BGF is the world leader in web based business tournaments and organizes the biggest and most exciting business tournament in the world where leading international companies are fiercely competing for market shares and profits while developing managers and key people to lead their business in a profitable and more effective way. Just like pilots in flight simulators, only in business. Why should pilots have all the fun!

Good luck in the in the BGF World Finals!

* The mix team has participants from four different companies: CSOB, Burinka, Prumstav and Kite

Petteri Salokangas

Business Game Factory

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SEB Lithuania to the BGF World Finals!

SEB Vilniaus Bankas Lithuania has secured a place in the BGF Business Game World Finals, hosted by Business Game Factory. After defeating their SEB colleagues at the SEB Championships in Business Management held every year in September, the Lithuanians advanced to the BGF Semi-finals where they won all the competitors. The SEB team will now enter the BGF World Finals competing against the other semi-final division winners. If the SEB team succeeds a world top 3 position, they will be heading off to the BGF Award ceremony held in Cannes, French Riviera!

Team leader
Virginijus Doveika, Head of International companies said, “This game is a great teambuilding opportunity as well as a chance to practice your managerial decisions in a competitive environment. In terms of competition; the bigger number of competitors you have (in one division), the more fun you get. The diverse background of competitors is the key thing to a great competitive environment, that's why it gets more and more tougher, as well as more and more fun, with every stage. Although in its infancy and less regular; I find business simulations way more practical than other training methods. I recommend the BGF Tournament, as we have another team from SEB Vilniaus Bankas starting this year. Now we are waiting for the finals, to get the most out of the game “

Business Game Factory wishes; Virginijus Doveika, Vilius Juzikis, Vytautas Ašaka, Julius Duksta and Vita Markeviciute all the best at the BGF World Finals in November, you can do it!

For further information contact:

James Baker-Duly, +46 735 109397

Semifinalists from the April and May rounds

April and May tournaments are finished and we are proud to announce 11 new semifinalists that have qualified their way to the BGF Global Semifinals, taking place in September. Congratulations to the semifinalists and also to all the teams who were participating in the BGF Business Game Tournament.

- ABB (China) - Team Hot Pot. Members :Lisa Zeng, Simon Zhu, Susie Yang, June Zhang and Charles Wang.

- CAPSA (Spain) - Team Vía Lactea. Members: Griselda Arias, Celia González, Charo Suárez, Abelardo González and Alfredo Ron.

- Ingeniería de Software Avanzado (Spain) - Team Hal. Members: Maria Cavestany, Luis Albea, Gloria Rodríguez, Israel Rubio and David Pradies.

- Swerock (Sweden), Team Pemalani. Members: Per Swensson, Martin Lindström, Lars-Olof Persson and Nicklas Stenqvist.

- Syngenta (Switzerland). Members Simon Grundy, Kriszta Olah, Franziska Badertscher, Rodica Evtuhovici and Andreas Steinle.

- Sandvik (Finland and South Africa) - Team Serv4U. Members: Timo Sokkeili, Hennie Potgieter, Danie Burger and James Ooshuizen.

- Stora Enso Publication Paper (Germany) - Team Hedwig. Members: Simone Fiedler, Sabine Dunne, Franziska Schütt and Andreas Irmscher.

- (Spain) - Team Ñoquia. Members: Elena González, Ines Hernándo, Alberto de Vicente, Noemí Lera and Raúl Ballesta.

- Puumerkki (Finland) - Team Puumerkki. Members: Ilari Varhimo, Petrus Berg, Jari Lehto and Niklas Sundström.

- Nokia (Finland): Team Prodigy. Members: Tuomo Puha, Mikko Rieger, Catalin Gheorgiu, Mikko Nurmi and Tommi Vilkamo.

- Anima Praha (Czech Republic): Team Mix. Members: Vojtech Janouksek, Jiri Plisek, Pham Huu Uyen and Martin Kupka.

Petteri Salokangas